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We have extensive experience with floating homes. and the Yacht House series is now ready for production after experience with one floating house and two houseboats. We have traveled the world in search of good solutions and after many years of preliminary work we have established a close collaboration with a few selected floating housing manufacturers. They meet our requirements for good design, the right choice of materials, good functionality and a competitive price.

Our floating homes are adapted to the Nordic climate and regulations. We have established a collaboration with quality producers mainly in the Netherlands, but also Poland, Germany. and the East. 

We have visited manufacturers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, England, Italy, Thailand and China. The boat industry that produces floating homes is a jungle where it has been a challenge to find serious players.  We have finally found some yards that give you the best quality at reasonable prices. We have our own design, The Yacht House, which is produced in the Netherlands.


We know most European suppliers of floating housing/houseboats. If you want a boat from one of these, we will be happy to help you with the purchase process to ensure a safe purchase. Most of our boats have a steel or concrete hull. This provides a stable construction with an exceptionally long durability and is virtually maintenance-free. We want to create a living environment on the lake that is environmentally friendly, modern and future-oriented.

House, cabin and boat in one and the same construction provides flexibility and freedom. Private individuals, marina owners, builders and others are welcome to contact us for further information.


Floating housing, a modern and future-oriented way of living.


Per-Andrè Wiberg

Private sales supervisor

+47 41 10 55 55

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Lasse Michelsen

Sales supervisor / Graphic designer

+47 924 19 815

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