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Maritime housing can be a year-round residence, holiday home, annex, hotel room, student accommodation, rental accommodation and business premises from 25 to 180 square metres. Our maritime homes are mobile and are CE marked and registered as a boat in the Ship Register. Comfort and quality are like in a new build on land. Maritime housing basically only requires an ordinary boat berth or private shoreline. In 2017, it became possible in Norway to register a registered address on the water. Still, the regulations in Norway make it almost impossible to live on the water, so we focus on the rest of the world. 


We want to create the possibility for an interesting sea-based way of living in central areas. The aim is to contribute to a versatile form of living which aesthetically and practically contributes to a sensible and varied use of the beach zone where the interests of the general public are safeguarded.



From an international perspective, Norway has an exceptionally long coastline. As the coast has been Norway's most important communication system, the bulk of the settlement is along the coast.


Access to beach plots in central areas is limited. Utilization of the water for floating houses creates new plot area which in many urban areas constitutes the only available settlement areas.



Maritime housing is like a kinder egg - house, cabin and boat under the same roof.


Do you dream of waking up on a Saturday morning, breathing in fresh sea air while enjoying your breakfast to the sound of lapping waves? Do you want to live in a state-of-the-art home, rural or central, while enjoying the freedom of living surrounded by water?


Many people in Europe and even more in the USA have discovered the benefits and joys of living on the water. Maritime housing - why not.

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